Corgi police dog retires after seven years sniffing out crime

Russia’s only corgi police dog has retired after devoting seven years of his life to sniffing out criminals.

police dog

The Metro reports that Redhead the nine-year-old Welsh Corgi was definitely not your usual police dog, but he became one of the most talented sniffer dogs in his force, helping find drugs and firearms thanks to his powerful nose.

His owner, Olga Chumarova, initially got him for her daughter. But Olga, a police canine handler, decided to put Redhead’s sniffing talents to greater use, volunteering him for a job at her force in Nizhny Novgorod.

The fluffy officer was trained to search for drugs and detain offenders at train stations and bus stops.

He soon became a local celebrity since corgis are far from typical police dogs in Russian police forces, which normally go for big and strong breeds like German Shepherds.

But where Redhead lacked in size and strength, he more than made up for it with obedience, agility and talent for tricks and commands. His low height meant he was particularly effective at sniffing out objects close to the ground.

Redhead even became an obedience champion in 2015 because of his incredibly docile nature.

On Monday, Redhead’s police department announced his retirement, saying he will continue to do sport and he will take up dancing with Olga.

(Story source: Metro)

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