Pet parrot helps convict wife of murdering her husband by repeating his last words

A pet parrot has helped clinch a murder conviction after repeatedly crying out the victim’s last words of “don’t shoot”.

The Express reports that Bud the African Grey parrot proved to be a pivotal witness in the murder trial of Glenna Duram repeating the final words of her husband “don’t shoot”.

Duram, 49, of Sand Lake, Michigan, shot her husband Martin five times in front of the parrot before attempting suicide.

She was found guilty of murder and will be sentenced next month. Chillingly, soon after the death of the 54-year-old the parrot began to repeat a heated conversation between two people, alternating its voice to mimic a man and a woman.

The bird said “don’t f****** shoot”, leading everyone to believe he was horrifically recounting his owner Mr Duram’s last words.

His ex-wife, Christina Keller, looked after Bud following his death and it dawned on her what the beloved pet was saying.

She said: “I believe with all my heart that those are the last words of Marty. “I recognise two different voices screaming and yelling and it always ends with ‘don’t f****** shoot’.”

Bud also cried “get out” and “where will I go?” Ms Keller said: “Bud is saying it in Marty’s and Glenna’s voice. This was a little different, he was screaming and yelling and begging for this life in a tone that was terrifying. It was horrifying, it was scary. I heard it, I felt it and it made me sad. I felt like those are Marty’s last words.”

The recording of Bud was initially not meant to be made public, but after rumours surfaced of the bird as a witness there were calls for the tapes to be released.

Mr Duram’s mother Lillian said: “That bird picks up everything and anything and it’s got the filthiest mouth around.” Bud was not directly involved in court proceedings.

(Story source: The Express)


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