Pawsecco is here for anyone who prefers drinking with their pet to socialising

We’ve all been there: Alone, on a Saturday night, feeling sorry for ourselves because we couldn’t be bothered to make the effort to go out – instead choosing to cuddle up with our pets and marathon-watch Netflix with a glass of wine in hand.

But Metro reports that now, things are changing: Your pets can finally drink along with you.

No longer shall they judge you for filling up your glass as you fill theirs with water.

Unless your pet is anything other than a dog or a cat that is (sorry), because this Pawsecco is strictly for felines and pups only.

Brought to us by the Woof & Brew Shop, Pawsecco is described as being the ‘purrfect treat for those on four feet’.

The Pawsecco is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, grape-free ‘wine’ drink and is available in Pet-House White or Pet-House Rosé.

The Pet-House White is a blend of elfderflower, nettle, ginseng and limeflower, and contains water, Acidifier Lactic Acid. Preservative: Potassium Sorbate. The Pet-House Rosé also features the same ingredients, with added carrot for colour.

The ‘wine’ is said to have been created with ‘the advice of veterinary experts’ – so you don’t need to worry about your pets stumbling all over the place (we’ll leave that to you after finishing the bottle of wine).

While the Pawsecco can be regularly filled in your pets bowl, Woof & Brew recommends wine and dining your four-legged friend by placing some dinner alongside the drink. Even pets like to be pampered, y’know.

The Pawsecco will set you back between £2.99 and £7.49, depending on whether you go for just one bottle – deciding between Pet-House White or Pet-House Rosé – or a gift box featuring both (go on, treat your pup).

The Pawsecco can be purchased from Woof & Brew’s online shop – though due to so many loving owners wanting to treat their pets, there is a bit of a high demand for the product.

Don’t worry, you can still get your hands (or paws) on a bottle – but you’re looking at a delivery time of between 7-10 days.

Of course – it’s totally worth it to keep your pets happy, and we’re sure you’ll be rewarded with all the cuddles in the world.

(Story source: Metro)


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