Partners left in the doghouse on Valentine’s Day

Pets are lucky in love this Valentine’s Day while many partners are left in the doghouse

Passion is taking a back seat among pet owners this year, as the vast majority admit they don’t cuddle their partners in case it makes the dog jealous.

Partners left in the doghouse on Valentine's DayThe Express reports that incredibly, 73 per cent of dog owners say their pet gets jealous when they show physical affection towards their partners, according to new research carried out online pet retailer Owners say their besotted pets exhibit a strange range of behaviour traits when they enjoy a cuddle with a partner – with dotty dogs barking, whimpering, jumping up and even trying to nuzzle in on the affection.

According to a survey of 1,000 dog owners, many owners will even incorporate their dog in hugs with their partner in an effort to compensate. Adding to the love-dampening effect, most dog owners admit they allow their passion-killing pooches in the bedroom, with a total of 72 per cent of owners stating their beloved pet has the coveted spot next to them in bed. In sharp contrast, 93 per cent of pet owners say they are not upset by their partner’s affection towards a household pet.

Veterinary surgeon, Andrew Bucher, says: “Dogs are often possessive towards their ball, bed, food bowl and even their human and this is particularly evident with the introduction of a new partner.” He recommends: “Try not to embrace your dog when they show these signs, try first installing basic training rules and ensuring the dog understands where they sit in the family / pack hierarchy, which should be below family members and partners!”

With a notable shift in dog ownership from the ‘working dog’ (sheep herding, guarding and hunting) to domestic dogs as companions, he comments: “We are seeing dog owners increasingly reward and treat their dogs for this behaviour, often when we typically buy for our partners; Christmas, Valentines and Easter.”

(Story source: The Express)

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