Owners come up with a smart solution to stop Meatball the chubby cat from stealing his kids’ food

He loves food. He loves food so much, he’s willing to risk his relationship with his own kitten children just to get more food in his belly.

Metro report that’s not a healthy relationship. Before he had kids, Meatball was quite the trim kitty. But when he and his partner, Mochi, became parents to two kittens, Nugget and Pepper, things went a bit wrong.

When the kittens were old enough to eat solid food, Meatball noticed their bowls, looked down at his own, and decided he deserved more than his fair share. So he started stealing food from his kittens’ bowls, clearing his plate then moving on to Nugget and Pepper’s.

The weight (and presumably, the shame of stealing from his own offspring) began to pile on. Even worse? Pepper had observed Meatball’s tricks, and learned from her dad to do the same. So poor old Nugget was getting deprived of snacks so Meatball and Pepper could fill their tums. Terrible. Thankfully, the cat family’s owners, Daphnie and Koon Wah, noticed what was going on and stepped in.

Koon Wah built little partitions to separate the cats during mealtimes, meaning they can’t see each other’s bowls or sneakily nick food from whoever’s nearby. The first prototype was made using cardboard, but its success inspired the couple to make a more solid version, constructed from wood with little fabric flaps sourced from the packaging of sake bottles.

Each cat now has their own private spot to eat where they don’t have to worry about a greedy relative stealing their kibble. Lovely. Daphnie told the Dodo that Meatball and Pepper ‘are still a little overweight’, but clearly the cats are on track for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

(Story source: Metro)


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