One small step for man, one giant leap for feline kind!

Cat lovers are carting their pets to the shops, pub and beach in astronaut-style backpacks.

The Daily Mail reports that it’s no longer uncommon for pets to be treated as fashion accessories. But a new breed of cat owners have taken the trend to a new level by flaunting their moggies on their backs.

Cat lovers across the country are embracing the newest pet accessory, the Bubble Pet Carrier, which allows them to show off their furry friend while giving it an astronaut-inspired window to the world.

The craze has set Twitter alight, with owners sharing pictures of their pets as they explore the sights of the world from the comfort of their own travel booths. From curiosity to bemusement, the snaps capture kitties’ reactions to their first experiences of the potential future for feline kind.

Available in different shapes and sizes, and able to carry pets weighing up to 16 pounds, each Bubble Pet Carrier features a built-in security leash, mesh panels and ventilation holes, plus a dome-shaped peep hole.

The adjustable backpack has become a sell-out for New York-based U-Pet, which founded the company in 2013 to allow pet lovers to share the world with their pets.

The bags are available from $129 or around £109.

(Story source: Daily Mail)


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