Oldest English Bull Terrier in the UK sadly dies at the age of 20.

‘Oscar’ an adorable and loving family pet sadly passed away in October at the ripe old age of 20.

Oscar with hatThe average life-span for a Bull Terrier is 10-15 years, but Oscar, a male white standard is known to be the oldest English Bull Terrier on record in the UK.

Oscar’s owner ‘Claire Turner’ from Abergavenny, Wales said; “Oscar was my best friend and the most amazing dog that anyone could possibly have. He was such a good dog and I miss him terribly.”

Oscar was such a good character and had a great life, and was always surrounded by his loving family.

Cool OscarEnglish Bull Terriers are renowned for being stubborn, mischievous and very comical, and Oscar was no exception!

When he was a puppy he used to run and bounce into doors, tumble down the stairs and generally cause chaos around the house. He had an unusual trait for staring at walls too. Claire later found out that it was called ‘Trancing’, and Oscar would spend hours in the wardrobe and walking around underneath the Christmas tree to tickle his back.

Oscar also loved animals. Claire’s daughter ‘Daisy’ has many different types, Daisy and her sister ‘Holly’ would have so much fun placing them on Oscar’s head and back, and then watch him walk around the house. Of course, Oscar didn’t mind and thought nothing of it! Claire also used to foster hedgehogs in the winter and Oscar being Oscar, would just protect them.

Oscar & DaisyBut Oscar’s life wasn’t all plain sailing. He was stolen when he was younger from the families front garden by gypsies. This was a terrible time for Claire and the family. Claire searched high and low for days on end and was fearing the worst.

But just by a stroke of luck, Claire’s stepfather ‘Fred’ recognised a picture of Oscar on the internet reported missing. Claire rushed round and shouted “That’s my Oscar!”

Old OscarHe was being looked after by a lovely lady in Milton Keynes who breeds Bull Terriers. Claire immediately contacted her and after a lot of joyful tears, they were happily re-united.

Oscar certainly had a happy and contented life and this wonderful gentle dog will always bring many cherished memories for Claire and her family.

They are now looking to register Oscar into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The oldest living dog in the world on record was ‘Bluey’, an Australian cattle dog who died in 1939 at the amazing age of 29!

(Story source: Jamie Francis – December 2015)


Oldest English Bull Terrier in the UK sadly dies at the age of 20. — 14 Comments

  1. What a wonderful story.

    We have a Bully named Oscar in Australia.

    We got him from the RSPCA animal shelter and we think he is 10 years old.(wish he was younger).

    He is the most amazing dog we have ever known.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your comment, it was lovely to hear from you. If you would like to email us a couple of pictures of you and your amazing dog we will create a new page on the website and Bully can be the very first member of our ‘Your Pets’ section! You can email me on [email protected]

    Kindest regards

    • Hi John,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the story, it’s always good to hear from fellow dog lovers. I expect your two are great characters and I love their names!

  3. We have a bully called Lollypop she will be 13 in March we also now have a grandson and he will be 2 and he loves her and calls her Nana and she is so gentle with him and so hopping she has plenty of years left so he can enjoy her loyalty. Bullies are not like any other dog ? they really are individuals

  4. Loved your story.
    I have three English bull terriers. One is 14 days from his 15th birthday the others are 11 and nearly 9. All different characters but all totally adorable.

  5. Seriously made me cry, I have a English that’s 9 now, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer about 8 months ago. However I wasn’t prepared to give him up, and when he started to bite down on the tumour I looked for alternative medicines, and found reiki.

    Low and behold after 9 days his lump had decreased by 90%, and now it’s completely gone. I took him back to the vet’s and they said there must have been a mistake at the lab, that’s after spending nearly a grand on a biopsy and treatment.

    But he’s perfectly well now and acting more like a pup than ever.

    He is such a good boy and I understand where the lady in the story was coming from, Toby has a habit of staring at walls to.?

    English bull terriers are the best breed ever.


    If you want pictures of the tumor and how his mouth looks now just ask.

  6. Dear all that have commented on this story etc.
    Please please please please tell me what to do as my bull terriers, both of them started developing skin conditions as from approximately 3 years old.
    Thousands of dollars later, emotional trauma later I have had to bid farewell to first one, four years ago and last week my second one.
    I have searched high and low for what exactly to feed, treat, etc. my dogs from skin conditions which both had suffered from. Please your response will be greatly appreciated. Also did you have any UV related problems with the skin???

  7. Hello read your comments on bull terrier skin problem I had a bullie who was close to death with similar problem,tests revealed house dust mite was the problem . Steroids and a complete change from carpet to solid flooring no soft fabric furniture and kept him down stairs he was two at time lived till he was 12 thanks to my vet from cranliegh England mr Culley hope this helps to any bullie owner

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