Man drills holes in fence so his nosy huskies can peer out at the world

Andy Grannell’s Siberian huskies have made quite a name for themselves in their hometown of St Neots, Cambridgeshire.

nosy Huskies

Metro reports that passers-by can often see the dogs looking out at them in a neat row along the gate, while some locals say they wait years to see their little snouts poking out. That’s all thanks to the holes Andy has drilled in the fence, specifically so that his curious huskies can watch the world go by. Andy, 57, said he drilled the ‘Mickey Mouse’ holes not long after he and his fiancée, Maxine Adamson, moved into the house in 2014.

He said: ‘Initially when we bought the house, there were no gates – but we needed gates there because of the dogs. ‘We had the big gates put in, but then we noticed that the dogs would poke their noses out the gap at the bottom of the gates, to try and catch a glimpse outside.

‘They’re quite nosy and inquisitive, and they like to see what’s going on when they hear noise outside the gates. ‘So I thought, rather than making them crick their necks to peer under the gates, I thought it would be quite nice for them to be able to look out from their normal heights.’ Andy then drilled the holes for four of his five Siberian huskies – 12-year-olds Amber, Topaz and Talon, and three-year-olds Rocky and Vinnie.

He said: ‘I actually have five dogs – but the reason there’s only holes for four of them is because Amber is quite deaf now. ‘So she doesn’t tend to get up and run to the gates like the others do when they hear sounds outside.

‘But they all love the attention they get from passers-by who see them poking their noses and eyes out of the holes. ‘I think quite a lot of people recognise them because I’m often seen walking around St Neots with them all strapped to my waist -which is quite an unusual sight. ‘I like seeing the posts appear on Facebook from people who have spotted my dogs peering out through the gates.’

(Story source: Metro)

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