NISSAN X-TAIL New state of the art Nissan X-trail concept car will have dog lovers barking glad with is added pooch-friendly features

Car comes with all the mod cons a canine could wish for including 360 degree shower and pooch hair dryer.

The Sun reports that dog lovers will be barking glad with Nissan’s new concept car.

The Japanese firm has come up with the X-Trail 4Dogs, which has a boot space designed for pets. It even has a 360-degree shower. The car has wipe-clean leather upholstery and a ramp for a pampered pooch to climb inside.

A TV screen means dogs can even see and hear their owners. Nissan has even put in a hairdryer for after that doggy shower.

Designers created the pooch-mobile after a Kennel Club survey showed 90 per cent of members wanted a car with added dog-friendly space. Nissan’s Ryan Gains said: “It’s clear from research that, for owners, dogs are a key part of the family.” Vet Dr Rachel Homeny said: “This is a great concept that caters to the needs of man’s best friend.”

(Story source: The Sun)


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