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My Pet Matters May 2022

This month we spend a day at the groomers with Oscar, Bear, Otis & Zorro. We show how pets from cats to gerbils are being forced to diet, and we feature a dog called ‘Howard’ who became a lifesaver.

My Pet Matters April 2022

This month we feature a man who trains guide dogs with love, dedication and a broken heart. We bring you top tips on when pets become between partners, and we feature David Baddiel on his favourite pets – his beloved cats.

My Pet Matters March 2022

This month we feature ‘Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary’ – A woman who has turned her home into a Dog Hospice and cares for 80 pooches at once! We meet a dog lover who has created a genius tracking app to find missing pups, and we meet Diego – London’s ‘biggest dog’!

My Pet Matters February 2022

This month we look at how to get virtual veterinary care for your pet and we meet Britain’s top Dog Whisperer. We look at how Covid is affecting creatures great and small, and we also meet the exotic pet detectives.

My Pet Matters January 2022

This month we feature the inner lives of cats and dogs, we show you how to manage your pet’s mental health and we bring you a musical tribute to a dog.

My Pet Matters December 2021

This month in our Christmas issue, we bring you 10 dangerous temptations for your pet this Christmas, we ask; how dog-friendly are Britain’s shops? We feature 6 pet-friendly Christmas breaks for you and your dog, and we reveal our prize draw winner who donated the money to a Small Animal Shelter.

My Pet Matters November 2021

This month we meet ‘Weasley’ & Spock; a cat and a dog who are regular blood donors to help other pets in need. We meet a real life ‘Guardian Angel’ – a dog lover who has created a close-knit community in a London park. We also bring you a heartfelt story about a journey that took 16 months, travelling through six cities to be reunited with a dog called Luna.

My Pet Matters October 2021

This month we bring you five ways to help your dog live a longer, healthier life, we show you how to take the lead in dog walking and we feature 10 of the best days out for cats and cat-lovers.

My Pet Matters September 2021

In this issue we look at the seasonal implications autumn can have on your cat’s health and wellness. ‘Routine is best’ -why dog’s need a routine for their walks and how to adjust this without upset. We have the best dog-friendly summer breaks for you based on your pup’s breed. Finally, we have some heart-warming stories of how pets provided unconditional love in lockdown.

My Pet Matters August 2021

This month we bring you six potentially cooler places to walk your dog, we feature ‘Lola’ – a Therapy dog’s moment of magic with a dementia patient. We ask the question; Can our passion for pets help reset our relationship with nature, and we give you seven steps to creating a dog-safe garden.

My Pet Matters July 2021

This month we bring you tips and advice on fly protection for your horse, we feature pampered ‘Popeye’ – a starving stray dog who was rescued and taken to pet-friendly restaurants all over Los Angeles. We have a feature on doggy day care, plus much much more!

My Pet Matters June 2021

This month we feature the Great Dane who loves to ride around in a motorbike sidecar, we show you how to turn your dog into your new pub buddy, and we ask the question; Why does my dog steal my seat?

My Pet Matters May 2021

This month we tell you how to help your dog get used to life after lockdown, how to support Pet Food Banks in the UK, and we bring you a smelly story from Down Under!

My Pet Matters April 2021

This month we bring you ten health benefits of cat ownership. We look at eight ways to reduce the chances of dog thieves targeting you on walks and we feature Simmy Moore, who teaches dogs to become life savers. We also feature the ‘sweetest relationship’; Terrier in wheelchair becomes guide dog for blind fox!

My Pet Matters March 2021

This month we are discussing the benefits of neutering or spaying your pet. We hope to brighten your day with 17 hilarious pet stories. Having trouble training your dog? You may not realise that some of your approaches may be negative reinforcement. We also discover why London has been named as the most dog-friendly city in Europe.

My Pet Matters February 2021

This month we feature: planning for your dog’s care if you catch Covid-19 and we find out what are the most popular dog treats in the UK. We show you how to stop your dog pulling on the lead and how to understand your
dog’s emotions. We also bring you 10 things that all cat parents can relate to.

My Pet Matters January 2021

Welcome to 2021! This month we’re talking about whether Crufts will be going ahead this year. We also have some advice on what to do if you’re struggling to fund your pets care and also how to best work from home when your pet has other ideas!

My Pet Matters December 2020

This month we bring you an initial guide and advice to the UK’s Lockdown 2, we feature Smartphone apps and tools for you and your dog. We also feature a village that has it’s very own ‘hedgehog highway’, and we show
you how pet cemeteries are growing in popularity.

My Pet Matters November 2020

This month we show you 5 signs that your cat bonded with you during lockdown. We ask what sort of weather do dogs prefer? We tell how home care residents with dementia find comfort and joy in robotic pets during pandemic. And we feature the latest pet gadgets.

My Pet Matters October 2020

In this issue…We have some tips on how to tell when your rabbit is in heat. We have a look at how social distancing may be affecting your dog. We bring you news of new research which has identified five different types of cat owner and also look at some research which has been done into whether animals like music.

My Pet Matters September 2020

This month we bring you five owners stories of how their pets saved them and ‘tails from the dog park’. We ask if the weather can affect your dog’s mood and if you can take your dog in a taxi. We also give you the ‘Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020.

My Pet Matters August 2020

This month we have an interview with presenter Nicky Campbell who says his dog is the perfect lockdown companion. Doggie donors: meet the Leicestershire team that runs the UK’s only pet blood bank. We have advice for keeping birds of prey and discuss which pythons make the best pets.

My Pet Matters July 2020

Do you have a pain in the grass? Here are 5 ways to stop dog urine killing your lawn. We have the story of John Burns, the vet who started a dog food business with £72 and sack of brown rice. We also have 10 tips for taking your dog to work with success.

My Pet Matters June 2020

With some restrictions being lifted this month, we discuss how we can ease our pets out of lockdown. We bring you the story of how one pooch is delivering wine to local residents and look at how pets are supporting people through the Coronavirus.

My Pet Matters May 2020

With social distancing restrictions now in place, this month we discuss how you can help pet re-homing centres. We look at how our pets are coping with us during lockdown and bring you the story of one woman’s disastrous attempt to groom her own dog.

My Pet Matters April 2020

This month meet the street vet who gives free medical care to the pets of the homeless. We discuss why your dog SHOULD sleep in your bed and we bring you the heartwarming story of one man and his lifesaving dog.

My Pet Matters March 2020

In this issue we discuss how the clocks changing for daylight saving time can affect your dog. We have a beginners guide to CBD oil for pain management in dogs. Also: ‘Sticks and twigs Why are they so appealing to dogs?’ And researchers claim that dogs have evolved a new eye muscle for that “Puppy dog eyes” look!

My Pet Matters February 2020

This month we bring you fun dog workout ideas to keep your pet fit. We look at the cues dogs pick up on to comfort their owners and we show you how to keep your indoor cat happy.

My Pet Matters January 2020

Welcome to the 50th issue of our newsletter! This month we ask the question; Has living with humans affected canine intelligence? We also take a look inside Britain’s most dog-friendly pub!

My Pet Matters December 2019

In this issue: ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’How dogs see christmas day; How owning a dog has been associated with longer life and how a three legged shelter dog saved a veteran.

My Pet Matters November 2019

Inside this issue: ‘Doggie Run’, is it a good idea to take your dog with you on the school run? ‘Cat-Fu Fighting’, what do you do with an aggressive cat? Also, Whitby has been named as one of the UK’s most pet-friendly destinations.

My Pet Matters October 2019

This month: ‘Mischievous Mutts’, the top 10 naughty dog breeds. Meet Nutmeg, possibly the oldest cat in the world, and do dogs dream? One scientist seems to think so!

My Pet Matters September 2019

In this issue: ‘Hot Dog’: Six tips for protecting your dog from the sun, ‘Furstival Fever’: Is it a good idea to take your pet to a festival? And we bring you the heartbreaking story of the tiny kitten who found a home against all odds.

My Pet Matters August 2019

This month: Can dogs learn commands in different languages? The story of the cat stuck on a bridge for six days and 5 mistakes to avoid when travelling with your dog.

My Pet Matters July 2019

In this month’s issue: Canine campers – Dog rules and etiquette on a campsite or caravan park. Don’t forget the dog bed! – Choosing a new home
with your dog in mind and meet the woman who’s devoted her life to looking after rescue dogs.

My Pet Matters June 2019

In this issue: ‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’ Teaching your pet bird to repeat nice things. Canine communication – How dogs invite other dogs to play and ‘Chomping canines’ 6 things dogs like to chew that are bad for them.