Missing St Bernard Found Safe and Well

St Bernard Rescues...Himself!

Tony a large three year old St Bernard went missing on Friday during a walk in woodland in Swindon. His distraught owner searched frantically for hours but to no avail. The general public were alerted via local media and social media and It was assumed that Tony the St Bernard had been stolen.

Imagine then the surprise when three days later the dog ambled into the yard of a resurfacing st bernardcompany a few streets away from where he had been lost.

Thankfully the yard owner had seen the news about the dog and contacted his owner immediately. Tony the St Bernard was reported to have tucked into an apple pie at the yard and drank heartily from a large bowl of water. He seemed quite unharmed by his three day long adventure.

Famous as the Swiss mountain rescue dog, a St Bernard puppy can cost anything from £900 to £2,000. 

According to DogBreed Info website:

Saint Bernards are extremely gentle, friendly and very tolerant of children. They are slow moving, patient, obedient, extremely loyal, eager and willing to please. Be sure to socialize this breed very well at a young age with people and other animals. It is highly intelligent and easy to train; however, training should begin early, while the dog is still a manageable size. Teach this dog not to jump on humans starting at puppyhood. Bear in mind that an unruly dog of this size presents a problem for even a strong adult if it is to be exercised in public areas so take control right from the start, teaching the dog to heel. The Saint Bernard is a good watchdog. Even its size is a good deterrent. They drool after they drink or eat. Be sure you remain the dog's pack leader. Dogs want nothing more than to know what is expected of them and the St Bernard is no exception. Allowing a dog of this size and magnitude to be unruly can be dangerous and shows poor ownership skills. Saint Bernards have a highly developed sense of smell and also seem to have a sixth sense about impending danger from storms and avalanches


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