Meet Freddy, the biggest dog in the world!

The 7ft 6in Great Dane, who loves chicken and peanut butter… but he’s also munched his way through 23 sofas!

The Mail reports that take one look at Freddy the Great Dane and your reaction would have to be bow wow… wow!

That’s because he’s the World’s Biggest Dog – who stands at 7ft 6in on his hind legs. Freddy’s owner, Claire Stoneman, from Leigh-on- Sea, Essex, is utterly devoted to her Guinness World Record pet, and his sister Fleur. Such is her affection for her pets that the 41-year-old has even made them a priority over her own love life.

“I’ve been single for the best part of four years. But I get cuddles off the dogs and I don’t have to wash dirty underpants,” Miss Stoneman told the Daily Star Sunday. “They are children to me… because I haven’t had any kids. They need me and it’s quite nice to be needed,” added the former glamour model, who shares her king-sized bed with Freddy.

However, she now says she’s ready to have a relationship, assuming she can find a man who doesn’t mind sharing a house with a monster pooch. ‘I’d come home and find a sea of foam across the floor. But he’s my baby and I can’t imagine life without him,’ Miss Stoneman told the Daily Mail in 2014.

She even gets up in the small hours for his daily 40-minute walk – so they won’t meet other dogs who might be intimidated by him. “If he wants to run after a dog I wouldn’t be able to stop him,” said Miss Stoneman, who is 5ft 4in tall.

Freddy appears in Channel 5’s The World’s Biggest Dog on December 29, 8pm.

(Story source: Daily Mail – December 2016)


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