Big bird! Bizarre moment man caught on camera taking pet emu for a walk outside a pub as passersby crack up in hysterics

The surreal duo were spotted in Chorley, Lancashire.

The Sun reports that the footage appears to have been shot by a group of boys in a car who can’t believe their eyes when they spot the odd couple in Chorley, Lancs.

Their bemusement is clear in the hilarious expletive-laden clip.

The lads are heard shouting: “What the f***, you’re walking a f****** ostrich you daft c***.” The man replies “It’s a f****** emu” as he begins to cross the road outside The Bay Horse pub with the unusual pet. The boys crack up at his response, crying: “It’s an emu!”

With his emu on a lead, the man crosses the road to speak to the boys, who say: “Let’s have a look at her.” One of the boys says: “She’s a beauty isn’t she?” But the owner corrects him, saying: “It’s a he, his name’s Warres and he’s an a******.”

The same lad replies: “You’re f***** up you are mate.”

The clip has had more than 10,000 likes and re-tweets since being posted on Twitter by Jack Morriss on Saturday.

Alex Hickson wrote: “Best thing I’ve ever seen.” Eve McKendrick said: “Oh my god, long live the emus.” Gracie added: “The world is getting worse for sure.” But wrote: “Looks pretty goddamn cool to me.”

(Story source: The Sun)


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