Life’s a beach for your dog! 8 things your pooch will need

Got your swimsuit, sunglasses and a towel? If taking your dog to the beach with you, you’ll need some more essential items.

Summer is here so get ready for some outdoor fun! Do you like taking your dog to the beach? It can be a fun experience, but without proper equipment it could easily get stressful. Why? Well if you’re asking this question, you probably never owned a dog with sunburn on his nose, or a dog who drank a lot of sea water… The list can be very long. Because I love to take my dog with me everywhere I go, and because of my good and bad experiences, let me show you 10 important things you should consider taking with you when planning a day at the sea. Because you probably want this day to be great!

Do dogs like going to the beach?

I’d say “of course they do”, but some dogs are actually not so fond of it. Some dogs don’t like swimming or getting wet at all, some find it too hot and their paws get burned. White dogs with pale skin can get sunburned, others hate being splashed by waves… As a good dog owner you should think about how to make beach time fun for both of you. Different dogs have different needs, just like people. And dogs who don’t swim aren’t necessarily dogs who’ll never swim!

1. Leash your dog when needed

Many beaches don’t allow off leash walking of dogs. I go to the non public beaches, where I unleash my dog only when interacting with her (swimming, playing). The rest of the time I have to put her on the leash because she would try to “greet” and “play with” other people at the beach, most of which do not like dogs. As a responsible dog owner I have to be careful not to upset them, because they could literally kick me off the beach.

Some dogs have to stay on leash even while swimming, because they tend to “climb” on swimmers and scratch them. A waterproof swimming leash is a good thing to have to avoid rusty carbines and wet smelly ropes.

Guardian Gear PVC/Polyester Waterproof Dog Lead, 6-Feet, Bluebird.

2. Prevent a heat stroke

Hyperthermia or a heat stroke is a serious condition, which can cause damage to the dogs muscles and organs. It can happen if a dog is left in a hot environment (a car, on the beach without shade) and his body is absorbing more heat than it can release. Dogs don’t sweat – they release temperature through tongue and paws. When the temperature in the dog’s body gets to the point where the dog is unable to regulate it, a heat stroke or a heat exhaustion can occur. All dog owners should think of this danger when travelling with their dog (especially dogs with berthing difficulties – Pugs, French Bulldogs etc.). They should pay attention to the symptoms (excessive panting, drooling, foaming, very red gums etc.) and provide immediate medical attention to the dog if needed. If not taken care of, it can have serious consequences, the worst of which is death. In modern world such scenarios can easily be prevented with cooling pads. Cooling pads are really practical and long-lasting. They do not have to be cooled – the system works by itself: with water activating cooling crystals or it gets activated by weight. Like this one:

The Green Pet Shop Self Cooling Pet Pad, Medium.

3. Eye protection

Dogs’ eyes are as sensitive as humans. When being constantly exposed to wind, sun, sandstorms or sea-salt, they can get infected or irritated. The sun is the most aggressive because of the UV-rays (especially in snow environment) and can cause eye damage. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem – goggles for dogs called “doggles”. They hence foreign parcels, UV-rays and wind. And they can look funky too!

Doggles Dog Goggles ILS LARGE RED SHINY

4. Providing shade

Even if you like to lie in the hot summer sun all day and get your skin tanned, it is probably not the thing your dog likes the most. Especially dogs who don’t like swimming and getting wet can start getting nervous and searching for shade. Many beaches aren’t providing natural shade, so it’s up to you to help your pet friend find relief. Portable pet tents are made of light materials and are easy to put together. 1-2-3, a doggy tent next to me!

Outward Hound Kyjen 2546 Shade Shelter Pet Tent Outdoor Dog Shelter, Extra Large, Green.

5. Non-swimmers

Some dogs don’t even try it, others have a fear of water. Many dog owners have succeeded to teach their dogs to swim with a little help. A flotation jacket brings confidence in the dog’s mind and enables him to enjoy the cooling effect of the splashy adventure. When you take your dog to a boat trip, you can use it as safety gear. Just be sure to choose the appropriate size!

Paws Aboard Small Designer Doggy Life Jacket Nautical 15-20 lbs N1300.

6. Waterproof collar for swim addicts

Your fancy leather equipment or stylish dog collar will be ruined by salty water and strong sun rays. It is a shame using them for swimming, because they will literally fall apart after a few sessions. Try using a waterproof collar and avoid the unpleasant drying (and stinking) when returning home.

All Style, No Stink Dog Collar, Red Grey, Large 17″ x 21.5″.

7. Water toys for play-freaks

I used to throw wooden sticks to my dog to fetch but ever since I heard dogs can hurt themselves when playing with them, I changed them for toys. We also made some progress playing: before she tried to trick me with various sticks (she would find herself new ones when I wanted to end the game). Now she only waits for the moment when I open my bag and HOORAY!

KONG Wet Wubba Dog Toy, Large, Colours Vary.

8. Last but not least – Sun protection

Yes, some people find it odd, but when owning a pale-nosed-want-to-play-all-the-time-in-the-sun-dog, you just can’t believe what can happen. The same as humans, dogs can get sunburned. And I am not talking only about blisters – a more serious damage is made by UV-rays, which effect the skin on a permanent basis. Hairless dogs are extremely exposed, so please consider using sun protection lotions!

Top Performance Sun Block Dog Spray, 8-Ounce.

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