‘LASSIE’ GOT ME HOME! Hero border collie rescues OAP owner after she got lost in the woods

The eight-year-old pooch found two school teachers and led them down the winding paths to her owner.

The Sun reports that a Border Collie saved her owner who was trapped in woods and got her safely home – like hero dog Lassie.

Bonnie ran to get help when Val Smith, 75, found herself tangled in thick brambles after getting lost on a walk.

The eight-year-old found two school teachers out walking who sensed that something was wrong. Bonnie led them 500 yards down winding paths to Val in the Widey Woods beauty spot in Plymouth. They found her in a panic with her other dog Snoopy circling in distress but managed to free her.

Relieved Val, from nearby Eggbuckland, said: “When my collie vanished I thought, ‘oh God, someone will pinch her’. But after a while I heard voices. I tried to break away the branches that were all tied up around me. The people that came to save me said they saw a collie run along towards them and thought it was strange. She was beckoning for them to come with her. So, they followed her for about 500 yards – and then could hear me through the brambles.”

“They then got me out, took me home and gave me a nice cup of tea and some biscuits.”

Val, a widowed great grandmother, did not get the names of the teachers from Widey Court primary school and is trying to trace them.

Fictional rough collie Lassie was known for saving the day in films – including Lassie Come Home in 1943 – TV shows and books.

(Story source: The Sun)


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