Larry the Cat: ‘Security incident’ as cat tries to GET INSIDE Trump’s armour-plated Beast

LARRY the cat nearly caused a political incident when the Number 10 feline tried to make his way into Donald Trump’s armour-plated car today.


The Express reports that the bizarre moment was witnessed by Sky News presenter Kay Burley who was talking to the cameras at Downing Street. At the time Mr Trump was in Number 10 with Prime Minister Theresa May. It is not believed Larry made it inside the president’s famous heavily-secure Beast car. Fellow reporters also witnessed Larry’s latest adventure.

Sky News’ Ms Burley said: “I’m just noticing with some photographers how Larry the Cat is trying to get in the Beast”.

“That can only ever end badly”.

“He’s sheltering underneath the Beast now from the rain. “That’s one armour-plated vehicle”.

The cat, well known as Number 10’s official mouser, is 12 years old and his antics have become well-known around Westminster.

NBC correspondent Bill Neely observed “Huge security issue as Larry the Downing St. cat shelters under Donald Trump’s limo ‘’the Beast’ & refuses to move. #TrumpinUK”.

He joined Number 10 under David Cameron’s premiership and has continued under Theresa May.

His most recent moment of fame was when Theresa May gave her recent resignation announcement.

Footage showed Larry refusing to come inside Number 10 ahead of the Prime Minister’s speech.

A Downing Street official had to pick up the feline.

Reporting on the latest incident today, Charlie Proctor of Royal Central said: “Security incident in Downing Street after Larry the Cat tries to get inside the beast.

“He is currently sat underneath the car, meaning it can’t move.” And NBC’s Bill Neely said: “Huge security issue as Larry the Downing St. cat shelters under Donald Trump’s limo ‘’the Beast’ & refuses to move. #TrumpinUK”

Mr Trump’s security detail was shown dusting the vehicle shortly afterwards – although there are no indications that Larry managed to get on the roof.

The brown and white tabby, who is known as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, has been involved in several violent confrontations with Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat, in recent years.

(Story source: The Express) 

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