Man brings elderly, homeless dog on a shopping spree and buys him everything he touches.

King is a 12-year-old dog who lived a hard life.


I Heart Dogs reports that this dog was abandoned on the streets by his former owner. One day he was hit by a car and lost one of his front legs in the accident. After his amputation, a rescue group known as Marley’s Mutt’s tried to find him a family, but it was difficult because he was a senior. Most families adopt young dogs and puppies. Several months past and nobody wanted to adopt King.

Eventually, TV host, Rocky Kanaka heard King’s story and wanted to help him as much as he could.

Rocky hosts a TV show called Dog’s Day Out. This program showcases Rocky taking shelter dogs out to have a perfect day. The dogs on the show always have a good time and their time on the show usually leads to finding them a new home.

On King’s perfect day, Rocky took him on a shopping spree. In a YouTube video documenting the day, Rocky explained that he would purchase everything King touched. It didn’t matter if it was fish food or reptile heating lamps. If King touched it, Rocky would buy it. The only thing off-limits was a hamster!

As Rocky and King began their perfect day, it was evident the dog was having a blast.

The first thing King chose was some dog food. A sensible decision if I do say so myself. Dog food selected, Rocky directed the fluffy friend to the toy section. King had never had a toy before so he was confused at first. Eventually Rocky held out a dinosaur toy for him to sniff. The TV host decided King liked it and added it to the cart with the dog food.

King had the best time in the treat aisle.

He picked out so many things. He touched a countless amount of treats with his nose as well as a giant ball, a toy rope and a rawhide bone. King even chose to touch a nerf gun that launches tennis balls instead of styrofoam darts.

By the time they left the store, Rocky and King’s shopping cart was filled with a ton of fun toys and yummy treats. King’s tail would wag endlessly at the sight of all his new goodies. After Rocky posted the video, a woman decided to adopt King!

To celebrate the occasion, Rocky took King on another shopping spree. King picked out several toys and treats. He also wanted to adopt a bird, but Rocky would not allow it.

At the end of the video, Rocky met King’s new mom. King was obviously in love with the woman. He wasted no time running up to her and settling in for some cuddles. King had a difficult life, but now he is spending it with a wonderful woman and a ton of new toys, all thanks to Rocky the TV host.

(Story source: I Heart Dogs) 

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