Exercise together and keep your feline friend fit

Cats need regular exercise. After they grow out of their curious kitten phase, they tend to prefer lounging to leaping. These exercises you can do together, are a good way to spark their interest and get them moving.

Curious Cat Curls

Using a length of string, tie a toy to each of your dumbbells. As you curl your biceps, your cat can jump and bat at the dangling ruse.

Cat “light” Abs

Do abdominal crunches while holding a small flashlight in each hand. At the top of each crunch, tighten your abs while moving the light on the wall in front of you. Your cat won’t be able to
resist chasing the phantom menace.

Cat “light” Cardio

With flashlights in hand, jump, march, or jog in place while moving the light on the wall in front of you for a good cardio workout for you and your cat.

(Article source: Healthways Fit)

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