The internet’s most famous cat goes on a sightseeing tour of London


Internet sensation ‘Grumpy Cat’ visited Abbey Road Studios and Buckingham Palace on a whistle-stop tour of London’s landmarks.

Grumpy 1The Evening Standard reports that The sullen-faced moggy prowled around city sights including Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament in her “British invasion”.

Outside the Queen’s home, the four-year-old pet – real name ‘Tardar Sauce’ – showed she was not amused, before proving her meow-sical talents at the recording studios made famous by The Beatles.

The US cat’s visit was part of a promotional tour for a new Primark clothing range. The tour comes ahead of a “signing” at the Oxford Street HMV where British cat-lovers had a chance to meet the feline celebrity. According to her owners, Grumpy Cat’s unique facial expression – which has spawned countless internet memes – is the product of a feline form of dwarfism which gives the moggy an underbite.

Grumpy 2(Story source: The Evening Standard – July 2016)

Grumpy 3






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