IKEA launches furniture range just for your pets

If you’ve ever wished you and your dog could have matching fold-out couches, IKEA has you covered. And not in pet hair.

Fortune reports that the much-loved Swedish furniture company announced a line of pet products this month, designed specifically for the four-legged members of the family.

The Lurvig collection (which means “hairy” or “shaggy” in Swedish) includes items like dog beds and cat-scratch mats, but also turns popular IKEA pieces you may already own into hideaways for your furry companions.

The IKEA team worked with veterinarians to design the products for the home, as well as items like pet carriers, brushes, bowls, and leashes.

“It is quite important for Ikea to have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range,” said Barbara Schäfer, Ikea’s Product Risk Assessment Leader who led the veterinary partnership. “As a pet owner I can say, so far, the normal pet products are quite ugly.”

The items are already in stock in U.S. stores but aren’t available to order online yet. But sit tight, there’s talk that all IKEA’s wares could soon be available through Amazon and Alibab.

Lurvig will launch in Canada, France, and Japan this autumn, followed by the U.K. in early 2018.

(Story source: Fortune)


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