Owner creates dedicated holes in fence so dogs can peek through

An Australian dog owner has drilled holes in her fence just so that her pets can peer through at passers-by.

Peeping dogs

Metro reports that a video of this adorable DIY, titled ‘Mommy is home’ was uploaded to liltroubless’s TikTok, which shows the canines rushing over to their peepholes as their owner gets close to the house.

The two dogs have eye and nose holes, which their snouts adorably poke through so that they can see through the two smaller eye holes. Genius level stuff. The dogs can also be heard whining excitedly in the video as their human gets closer, which really puts the icing on this whole adorable cake.

One of the dogs gets it together fairly quickly as she approaches, getting their snout straight in the hole so they can stare at her imploringly. The two nosy parkers are greeted with a ‘Hi babies’ from the owner, and the second more excitable-looking pooch runs off – presumably in an effort to get closer to their owner.

This quick but super cute clip has over 18,000 comments and two million likes so far, with some commenter’s saying they’ve been inspired to do something similar at their homes. One person wrote: ‘Imagine you have a bad day then go home to that.’ Another said: ‘Smartest thing ever. You can see but you can’t bark.’

(Story source: Metro)

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