‘Grumpy old man’ dog with permanent scowl is actually a ‘bundle of joy’ on the inside

Meet Wilf – the dog with a permanently grumpy face!

grumpy face

Metro reports that Border Terrier and certified ‘grumpy old man’ Wilf looks like he’s constantly fed up even when he’s completely happy. His owner Jasmine Gooch, 24, from Hull, Yorks, thinks his eyebrows are to blame for his signature scowl. The ten-year old dog is often stopped by strangers who comment on his grim expression when he’s out for a walk.

Jasmine, who works as a clerical assistant in a microbiology laboratory, said: ‘I have no idea why he looks annoyed all the time. ‘He looks grumpy, even when he is happy. ‘I think it’s because of his eyebrows. ‘He’s been like it since a puppy. ‘Wilf is older now and tends to keep himself to himself, so I guess he is a bit of a grumpy old man.’

Little Wilf has also been compared to Eccles, the Border Terrier owned by Lena Thislewood on Coronation Street. While the two do look a lot alike, Wilf has Eccles beat when it comes to withering stares. Jasmine said: ‘People often ask me “why does he look fed up?” ‘Or ask if he is having a bad day. ‘But he’s never having a bad day, he’s a happy puppy and bundle of joy.’

(Story source: Metro)

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