Greedy pet dog rushed to hospital after scoffing entire baking cupboard contents.

Ray was only on his own for 20 minutes, but that was all it took for him to get into mischief which could have been very dangerous.

Ray 1The Mirror reports that a Boxer dog with a big appetite had to be rushed to hospital when he devoured the entire contents of his owner’s baking cupboard.

Ray, the lovable eight-year-old pooch, auditioned for his very own version of the Great British Bark Off when he got into the cupboard and scoffed a bag of flour, an entire kilo of sugar – including the bag – and a packet of raisins, which can be deadly to dogs.

As soon as the kitchen crime scene was discovered, poor Ray was rushed to a vet by his owner Jasmine Quick for emergency treatment. The 36-year-old said she hadn’t expected him to uncover her stash.

“I’d been on a baking competition weekend with friends and brought the leftover ingredients home,” she continued. “I popped out for 20 minutes, but I returned to complete chaos – Ray was absolutely covered in flour and sugar, and was guzzling his way through the raisins.”

Jasmine whizzed the poorly pup to Plymouth PDSA Pet Hospital , worried because she had previously read that grapes were poisonous to dogs.

Ray 2Vet Erin Beale said: “Ray was given medicine to make him sick and kept in overnight for observation. This was a potentially disastrous cocktail.

‘Grapes, raisins and sultanas are all highly toxic to dogs and even small amounts can be fatal, depending on their size.

“Thankfully for Ray he got help straight away, so recovered quite quickly and was soon back to his boisterous self.”

“My husband lost his job a few years ago and Ray was ill soon after, we thought we might have to give him up. It was such a difficult time and the kids were devastated – we’d had Ray since he was a puppy.

“Then a friend suggested PDSA might be able to help us. We can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for Ray.”

(Story source: The Mirror – April 2016)

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