Frozen with fear: Terrified dog jumps into FRIDGE every time she gets scared by fireworks

Bubbles has an extreme fear of loud noises – and feels safest when she’s sitting on a shelf hiding behind the cold beer bottles.

Dog in fridgeThe Mirror reports that spooked Bubbles couldn’t stand the sound of the loud bangs and immediately jumped to safety.

When owner Eric Hovde went to grab a drink, the 18-month-old pooch leapt on to the first shelf to sit behind some beer bottles. Despite soothing attempts to coax her out, Bubbles ignored all pleas and stayed cowering from the Independence Day fireworks. Eventually Eric had to physically pull the petrified pup off the shelf, but almost instantly she jumped back into the fridge before finally being extracted.

Eric, from Bronson, Iowa, USA, said: “Bubbles has an extreme fear of loud noises. She had never tried to hide in the fridge before that night but straight afterwards she tried to get into a cupboard. I tried to coax her out multiple times but in the end we had to drag her out. As I grabbed her I could feel her try and dig her claws into the fridge shelf as she became resistant. Anything like fireworks or thunder can give her severe anxiety attacks. It can be quite scary to see at times. I try and calm her by cuddling her and swaddling her in a blanket. After a while it normally works.”

(Story source: The Mirror – July 2016)

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