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26 April

This week we see the start of the 90th Birthday celebrations of one of the worlds most famous pet lovers.  Once described jokingly by Princess Diana as a 'moving carpet' Corgis in large numbers have been part of the Royal way of life since the Queen's 18th birthday.

The Queen also used to breed her preferred Corgi variety - the Pembroke Welsh and is even credited with the creation of a new cross-breed the 'Dorgi' (Corgi and Dachshund)   She now has two of her beloved pet dogs, namely Holly and Willow and these are descended from her first pet corgi Susan. That little dog was so loved she accompanied the then Princess Elizabeth on her honeymoon!  The Queen has rarely been photographed over the years without at least one little dog in tow, and they are well travelled going first class with her wherever she goes. 

11th April 2016

I was handed a leaflet whilst gift shopping earlier today detailing the incredible work carried out by some of our amazing canine friends. You can read all about it in our My Pet Matters blog post today and we also highlighted this in a post in October regarding prostate cancer detection.

But it isn't just dogs! If you read Jamie’s  post about one lucky lady from Scunthorpe and her 24-year-old black and white cat you will see that our feline friends too could become an invaluable aid in looking after us.

Not only are our pets helping with serious health issues such as cancer and diabetes, they also have enormous benefits regarding our own well being - and can even help us to sleep better!

So lets keep looking after our pets as well as we can, one day they just might save our lives!

4th April 2016

This week saw interest in the UK press about Heathrow company AirPets and their newly announced 'Kennel Club Class' flights.  This really does look like the utmost in passenger comfort for both you and yodog-in-the-bag-1362561-639x424ur pet should you wish to jet off to European destinations!  They also boast a larger aircraft for longer distances and although this venture is new, the company has been arranging Pet travel since 1966.  If you are thinking about travelling with your pet, please read Jamie's excellent post from December about taking your pet abroad.  For pet journeys on a slightly smaller budget you might also like to take a look at his post regarding crate training which may help to make your journey a little easier for everyone!  Perhaps you have an adventurous pet who might prefer to explore the world of flying on his own if so then check out the worlds first wing-suit base-jumping  dog, we all really enjoyed that one!