Britain’s booziest duck recovering after being injured in brawl with a dog!

booziest duckThe feathers and fur were flying when Star, the beer loving bird got into a drunken scrap with Meggie the dog, and needed surgery on a damaged beak.

Britain’s booziest duck has been hurt in a brawl with a dog. Star, who loves supping ale in the Old Courthouse pub with owner Barrie Hayman, was rushed to the quack with a damaged beak.

Barrie, 69, said: “Star is a tough cookie and came out of it okay. “The vets are pleased. He’s bouncing back nicely.” Barrie, who performs on stage with Star to raise money for charity, was worried the split beak would leave his partner with a lisp and endanger his showbiz career. But vets have reassured him it will not affect his pet bird’s dulcet tones.


Barrie and Star

The showdown came when Star clashed with Barrie’s dog Meggie at his home in Chudleigh, North Devon. Barrie said: “The Indian runner duck finally pushed his luck a bit too far”. Star suffered damage to his lower mandible which required surgery and Barrie said: “We had hours and hours of stress and waiting around.”

The pair have been inseparable since Star was a chick. Barry carried him in his top pocket and as the duck grew up he developed a taste for real ale. Since then he has become a familiar local sight, waddling around his favourite inns wearing a bow tie and swigging from a glass.

This article has been amended to make clear that there was not a “brawl” at the Old Courthouse Inn that resulted in Star the duck’s injury. Star the duck sustained his injury in a fight with a dog at his home.

(Article source: Daily Mirror – October 2015)

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