Don’t Forget to Have Your Pet Dog Micro-Chipped

With the new legislation having come into effect on the 6th of April this year, all UK dogs must now be micro-chipped. Failure to comply with this new law could mean a fine of £500

Why Do We Need To Do This?Don't Forget to Have Your Pet Dog Micro-Chipped Dog

Well, apart from the legal bit, it is hoped that this will help to protect dogs from irresponsible ownership, as well as making it a lot easier to return lost or stolen pets. Lee Paris, the campaigns manager at  the Dogs Trust charity, says: “Having a dog micro-chipped should give owners peace of mind, because all dogs have the capacity to escape, no matter how responsible the owner is. This will make it much easier to reunite worried owners with their pets.” And with some charities and local authorities facing huge bills for the care of lost and unwanted animals, this should help reduce costs and hopefully reduce the number of unfortunate animals being put down.

Where Can You Get This Done?

Ask your nearest vet, pet shop or dog charity for advice if you are concerned. They will be able to help and to direct you. Many charities are offering a free or subsidised service whereby a chip the size of a grain of rice is inserted between your dogs shoulder blades. This is then registered with your personal information and should last a lifetime. Be mindful that you are responsible for keeping this information up to date. It can cost anywhere from nothing to around £30.

The whole process is painless for your dog and very simple. Please make sure that you have this done immediately – there are still believed to be a large number of animals remaining un-chipped in the UK and as the legislation is now in place time is very much of the essence!

The Dog Trust charity has more information which you can access here

It is now a requirement for Dogs to be micro-chipped, however you can get your cats, rabbits and other furry pets chipped too!Don't Forget to Have Your Pet Dog Micro-Chipped Dog





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