Doggy paddle: The Top 7 best dog pools this Summer

With Summer on it’s way the temperatures will increase, and more dogs are at risk of overheating. Not many dog owners are aware of how dangerous overheating for dogs can be. One of the ways to keep your canine cool is through hydration and using the best dog pools that fit your dog’s size perfectly.

dog poolsExperts say that a dog pool is the quickest way to cool down a dog and to keep your pet cool throughout the day in summer.

Recently, I’ve been seeing an increased amount of warnings from vets about preventing overheating in dogs and avoiding heatstroke.

Veterinary universities continue to issue warnings for owners about the dangerous summer heat temperatures and the importance of allowing your dogs to cool down, whether by using a hose with cold water, buying a dog swimming pool, or at least dumping your pet into a dog paddling pool for a short time.

In this list of best dog pools, we’ve tried and reviewed top options that are currently available. Here’s a quick overview of each dog swimming pool if you’re not interested in further details.

Pet owners who are looking for the best dog pool and cannot pick out of these options on the list may also want to consider a hard plastic kiddie pool; some of those (but not all) can work for dogs as well.

So what is the best dog pool for swimming? Dive in and take a look!

7. Dog Bathtub Collapsible Pet Bath Pool by PYRUS

A decent and affordable dog swimming pool, Pyrus’ Dog Bathtub pool has probably the most straightforward and simplistic design. It’s somewhat small and won’t be the sturdiest option you can find, but the advantages are that it’s portable and foldable, which makes it easy to setup quickly. If you’re thinking about taking this best dog pool anywhere with you: when going to your neighbour’s, to the beach, relaxing by the lake and so forth, this won’t be your worst choice. It’s very easy to use – just unpack, unfold, fill up with water and your pooch can immediately go enjoy his own dog pool.

6. Splash About Dog Pool by Cool Pup

Let’s me start by saying that it’s close to what you consider to be a dog paddling pool but somewhat different. Splash About Dog Pool is what you buy from all of the options on this best dog pools list the above option from Pyrus doesn’t fit for whatever reason. However, both of these pools are extremely close in structure, design and even sizes.

Every dog owner knows that for canines who love swimming, no dog pool will ever be too big. The size of this one is 63in diameter and 11.8in height.

5. Foldable Pet Pool Bathing Tub by FrontPet

If the above and below swimming dog pool isn’t available, or the size doesn’t fit your dog, I recommend taking a look at this one.

In recent months, the company Frontpet has put out their new product – a value-priced dog paddling pool that’s easy to put up and use in your backyard. This dog pool has resonated well with many dog owners, and has received tons of positive reviews from those who allowed their pets to swim in it.

4. Dog Cool Pool by Ethical Products

What a great alternative to the previous two options of best dog pools, and at a cheaper price, too! This dog swimming pool is by far the winner over the previous two dog pools, mostly due to cost to value ratio, but also because this item seems to be a much more durable and less defective option. The dog pool measures 31 inches in diameter and 8 inches in depth. It is going to be perfect for most smaller dogs.

3. Paw Shaped Play Pool by One Dog One Bone

Now we’re getting close to premium quality dog swimming pools. One Dog One Bone paw shaped pool for dogs might not be perfect for dog hydrotherapy, but at 6x 38x 39, it’s big enough to fit medium sized dogs but won’t be big enough for large dog breeds. This swimming pool for dogs can hold approximately 20 gallons of water to the top, and to drain it, you can easily flex it like a paw. The manufacturer also promises that the dog pool will stay cool in summer time, which is its beauty.

2. The Bone Pool by One Dog One Bone

At the first spot of best dog swimming pools is another product from One Dog One Bone – the Bone Pool. The famous and cool-looking swimming pool for dogs is shaped like a bone and is one of the most popular options among dog owners. It’s made out of truck-bed liner materials, there’s a brass cap and drain to easily drain the water out, and like the previous one, it stays cooler in summer than other pools would. Not only that, but it’s also UV and chew-resistant.

1. Bone-Shaped One Dog One Bone Pool by One Dog One Bone (main picture)

The above option of the best dog pool – the famous Bone Pool – may not be always available. In fact, it seems like the manufacturer is switching from the Bone Pool dog pool onto this One Dog One Bone doggy pool which is rapidly becoming one of the best selling dog pools on Amazon. Even though the Bone Pool has earned a reputation as one of the best dog swimming pools, their new version seems to be not only an improvement over the previous one, but it’s also cheaper.

(Article source: Top Dog Tips)


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