Dog theft gangs marking target houses with chalk symbols.

dog thievesAn audacious gang of dog thieves appear to be using chalk to mark homes which contain valuable pedigrees to indicate which houses should be returned to and robbed.

Police have warned pet owners to be vigilant against unusual symbols which may appear on exterior walls or on adjoining roads and pavements. They fear the markings are being used by thieves to target houses with dogs living there, either planning to steal them themselves or guiding others to the home. Dog owners have been warned that pet theft is on the increase and the surge has been linked to dog fighting in which the animals are used either as participants or bait for bigger dogs.

In RSPCA spokeswoman said: “There is nothing wrong with people being careful if the police are saying this. “We urge people to get their dogs micro-chipped and be vigilant at all times.”

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