Cocker Spaniel! Dog owner threw stick for his pooch to fetch but he came back with a sex toy

Security guard Glen Pinnion, 44, only realised the 8.5 inch plaything was in Steve the English Bull Terrier’s chops when they went past a pub walking home.

The Sun reports that he said: “There was a group of lads having a drink outside. They started laughing and pointing. I had a closer look and realised it wasn’t a stick but a great big, floppy rubber penis. And he wouldn’t give it up. I broke into a jog to get home as quickly as possible.”

They then trotted past mourners leaving a funeral parlour – prompting embarrassed apologies from Glen. And he struggled to prise the fake pink phallus from stubborn Steve’s mouth back in his front garden in Leeds.

He said: “He was giving it the odd chew. I got a couple of poo bags, put them over my hands and tried to pull it from his mouth. I didn’t want that thing in my house. After a few attempts he released his grip and dropped it. It was so embarrassing.” The pretend todger, which Steve retrieved from bushes by a local field, is just the latest bizarre item found in his mouth.

Glen, who has a long-term girlfriend, recalled: “I had to take him to the vets once because he ate a sieve. “He also chewed up an iron, had our skirting boards off, and has eaten bras, socks and pants. He’s very affectionate. On this occasion, however, we don’t want to encourage his loving nature so have binned the toy.”

(Story source: The Sun) 

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