Cross-eyed cat melts the internet with its adorable peepers

A BIZARRE cross-eyed cat has been whiskered to stardom after clocking up nearly 150,000 followers on social media.

The Express reports that a five-year-old tabby-Siamese crossbreed, named Sol-kun, has become one of the hottest feline stars online thanks to his eyes.

The footage shows the adorable cat being given a spoon to lick by his loving owner and looking hilariously cute with his big, blue eyes.

Permanently crossed since he was born, Sol-kun’s owner in Japan saw that the puss’ sparkling blue eyes gave him a special star quality. Now the cat – sometimes along with his older brother Cocomo -posts new images and videos nearly every day for his fans from all around the world.

One online commenter, identified as ‘_liz_9_’, stated: “Oh my goodness! Absolutely adorable!!”

Experts claim Sol-kun picked up a gene from his Siamese ancestry, which makes the breed more prone than others to having crossed eyes. Factually, it is considered normal for Siamese cats to be born that way.

Now Sol-kun may even one day eclipse social media top cats like Grumpy Cat and Maru, famous for trying to squeeze into any box. Until that time comes, Sol-kun’s owner thinks his feline is ‘paw-fect’ just the way he is.

(Story source: The Express – December 2016)


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