Cooker spaniel: Puppy causes £1,000 damage after switching on cooker – in ‘revenge’ for getting the snip

Six-month-old Oscar, a Spaniel-cross, flicked on a knob with a paw after jumping up to try to reach food.


The Sun reports that the hungry mutt then knocked a box of Cheerios on the electric hob which set alight. Owner Michelle Noack, 29, mum to Katy, ten and Dylan, six, returned home to find the kitchen ablaze in Braintree, Essex. She scooped up the flaming mess with metal utensils and dumped it outside before dousing the fire with a garden hose.

Michelle, whose family had to move out while the smoke damage was repaired, said: “Oscar could’ve blown the whole place up. “I’d just got his balls cut off and I swear that was his revenge! I’ll always love him but I’ll never turn my back on him again.” The fire service confirmed Oscar started the fire by jumping up to get his food.

(Story source: The Sun)

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