A CLOSE SHAVE! Couple’s pet cat returns from groomers completely bald except for his FACE leaving his owners in hysterics

Xie Qian Qian from Taiwan sent Jin Jin for his routine shave but he didn’t come back with the haircut she expected.

The Sun reports that Xie Qian Qian from Taiwan sent Jin Jin for a shave which is carried out routinely in order to keep her pet cool.

After his latest shave Jin Jin did not return with his usual lion-style cut but instead was completely bald aside from his face, the Dodo has reported.

Qian had asked a friend to drop off Jin Jin to the groomers as she was busy, giving strict instructions on what she wanted but there appeared to have been a miscommunication about what style of haircut was required. She said: “I was surprised the groomer would shave him like that. “I can’t be blamed for it.”

Though Qian could see the funny side of the situation she admitted that her husband was not too pleased about the kitty’s new hairstyle but he was soon laughing as well.

Earlier this month fellow cat owners shared hilarious images of their mischievous moggies. The series of snaps were shared online with less-than-purrfect pets causing havoc around their homes.

Several brazen pussies are snapped sprawled across the keyboards of expensive-looking laptops, while one sits perched on top of a TV screen, clearly interfering with the signal.

(Story source: The Sun)


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