Spoil your pooch: 10 top Christmas present ideas for your dog

If you’re mad about dogs, you will probably want to make sure that your dog enjoys Christmas just as much as you do, and this will almost certainly mean involving your dog in the present opening and excitement on the day itself!

Obviously a nice selection of toys and treats will go down well with every dog, but if you’re looking for something new or special and want to make this year your dog’s best Christmas ever, check out our ideas for ten of the best Christmas present ideas for your dog this year.

1. A ball pit

Investing in a small children’s paddling pool and a couple of boxes of ball pit balls can cost less than £15, and filling the pool with balls and then watching your dog dive in and go mad can make for an excellent Christmas day for both of you!

2. A subscription to a monthly gift box

Subscription boxes are becoming really popular in the UK, with offerings of all types from makeup to gourmet food to much more! Subscription boxes involve making a one-off payment for three, six or twelve months, and then a box of goodies that are generally worth more than the purchase price of the box are delivered right to your door each month! Dogs too can get their own subscription boxes of toys and treats, with prices starting at around £10 per month. Sign up for one now to get your first box in time for Christmas, and give your dog the gift that keeps on giving!

3. A treasure hunt

Dogs love toys and treats, but they love attention, fun and activity just as much! Treasure hunts aren’t just for Easter-why not make your dog’s Christmas day extra special by having Santa set a treasure hunt for them during the night while they are sleeping, so that when they wake up on the day itself, they can chase around your home or garden seeking out the small toys and treats that have been left for them along the way!

4. A personalised Christmas ornament

While you might well find that your Christmas involves telling your dog to stop interfering with the tree, you should make one exception by getting your dog their own tree ornament! You can purchase a sturdy ornament that will be good for years to come with your dog’s name on it from many retailers, or buy a sturdy rubber ball with a hole in it for hanging on the tree, or even make your own Christmas-themed dog biscuits and hang them on the tree for special treats too!

5. That special, expensive toy

If you’ve had your eye on a certain dog toy for some months now but have decided that you just can’t justify the cost, maybe Christmas is the time to give in and finally purchase it for your dog! It is a special occasion, after all!

6. Bespoke dog treats

Take the time to bake your dog up a tray of treats all of their own, or order some from one of the companies that specialise in making them, and have them iced or decorated with your dog’s name! While most dogs can’t actually read, they will definitely know that the treats are for them!

7. A top ‘doggy day’ out

Schedule a day that you have off from work over Christmas to plan the perfect day out for your dog! Start with a hearty breakfast and then a walk, followed up by a trip to visit some other canine friends and maybe, a car ride to somewhere new, and lots of fun, treats and games!

8. A personalised bed

If your dog’s current bed is starting to look a little bit flat and chewed, Christmas is the perfect time to invest in a brand spanking new bed for your dog, and why not go the extra mile and buy one that is embroidered with your dog’s name! A warm, snuggly bed will keep your dog happy and comfortable well after the festive season is over.

9. A new coat

Many dogs can benefit from having their own specially fitted coat to wear on the colder days of the year, to help to keep them warm and offer protection from the rain and wind. There is a huge variety of offerings on the market for dogs of all shapes and sizes, so decide whether you’re looking for a warm coat, a waterproof coat or both, and then make your pick!

10. A play day!

Finally, how about booking your dog in for a day out at one of the numerous doggy daycare centres that can now be found throughout the UK? For sociable, outgoing dogs that love to make new friends and find new things to do, a fun-packed day out at a day-care centre will allow your dog to make new friends, enjoy extra walks, and play with a huge range of toys large and small that they will be keen to get their paws on!

(Article source: Pets 4 Homes)

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