Charity of the month

The British hedgehog has now been officially classified as vulnerable to extinction. Here at My Pet Matters we are passionate about the welfare of all animals, including these beautiful creatures whose numbers are still in decline. Hedgehog Rescue Rehabilitation and Care Centre work tirelessly to rescue, treat and release hedgehogs back into a safe environment.

Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Rescue Rehabilitation and Care Centre respond immediately to rescue injured hedgehogs. A vet is called in straight away and the hedgehogs are monitored and cared for. Once fit and well they are released back into the wild.

We care for many hedgehogs here at our rehabilitation centre. Hedgehogs just like these……

Hedgehog Baby
Hedgehog Baby

These little ones came into our care having been found under a shed that was being demolished. They were far too small to leave their mother, who sadly didn’t return for them.

We bottle-fed these babies until they were weaned and continued to care from them until they were able to be released safely, not far from where they were born.

Hedgehog Rescue is now conducting its Annual Appeal. Only by continuing our huge effort and long-life commitment can these wonderful animals be given a safe, happy and contented life.