Chair of the dog

Poorly pooch with rare condition is able to eat again thanks to a specially designed high chair.

Dog ChairThe Sun reports that 17-month-old labrador Buck has a rare condition which means he is unable to keep food down unless he is upright, luckily for him Emma Drinkall, from Nottingham University’s veterinary school came to the rescue.

The 17-month-old labrador has rare condition megaoesophagus, which leaves him unable to keep food down unless he is upright.

He was half his ideal weight when Emma Drinkall, from Nottingham University’s veterinary school, read about his plight on social media.

She and her partner Nick Rowan, a lecturer in product design and engineering at De Montfort University, came up with the chair in a day.

Emma said: “Luckily Nick and I have the combined expertise and experience. There is currently no surgery available for dogs with this condition, and as Buck is already receiving the medications that can help, the one thing other thing that could help him keep his food down is gravity itself.”

Nick added: “I’m just so pleased with how it fits, how comfortably he sits in it and how happy he is to be fed like this.”

Buck weighed just 37.4lbs when he was taken in by the charity Team Edward Labrador Rescue, based in Mansfield, Notts.

Wendy Hopewell, who runs Team Edward, said: “We were really shocked. The previous owner said they were really struggling to feed him but when I saw him I thought ‘wow, I’ve never seen a labrador that thin before. It was just the most fabulous sight to see Buck eating in the chair and happy to be in it. “To see how he sat in it straight away and get stuck in was incredible, it just pulls at your heartstrings.”

After a heavy ordeal, Buck’s future looks bright.

(Story source: The Sun)


Chair of the dog — 2 Comments

  1. I have a 5 years old Rottweiler. The Vet has diagnosed he has a megaoesophagus.
    I have read your article about the vertical chair.
    I guess the chair might help Sean to survive his life, he keeps vommiting everytime he eats.
    The problem is I can not buy this chair and I had searched high and low all over my country, Indonesia.
    I am wondering if I can get a chair like yours.
    Thank you

    • We are very sorry to hear that your dog has been diagnosed with megaoesophagus. The chair in the article is known as a ‘Bailey chair for dogs’. There are various manufacturers here in the UK and the USA. It is possible to make one yourself, there are some tutorials on-line. We will send you a message with some links for you to have a look at.

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