Cat Cafe set to open in Liverpool

A Liverpool couple are preparing to open the city’s first ever cat cafe.

Cat Cafe set to open in LiverpoolThe Liverpool Echo reports that David Howe, 21, and partner Laura Clinton, 20, hope to launch Cafe Meow next year – allowing cat fans to enjoy unlimited cuddles with their feline friends.

The Tuebrook couple, who met while studying in Manchester, took inspiration after seeing how popular cat cafes are in south-east Asia.

David said the couple hope to open the kitty cafe by spring next year.

Their vision is to have a cafe, equipped with overhead cat rope walks, climbing frames and customised cat houses, with 10 moggies for customers to pet. David said the cafe will act as a sanctuary with cats taken from rescue centres.

The couple will work with charity staff to ensure cats are socially trained and cared for.

David said: “There’s lots of people living in a city who would love to have a pet cat but can’t because of restrictions like landlord rules, apartment living, and not being around enough to care for a cat.

“Cafe Meow will be a chance for people to come along and enjoy time with the cats. “We hope everyone loves the idea as much as we do because this is something we’re really serious about bringing to the city.”

Cat cafes originated in Japan during the 1990s before several similar ventures popped up all over Europe, including Paris, London and Edinburgh.

England’s first cat cafe opened in London last year.

Customer demand for the experience was so high that Dinah’s Cat Emporium was fully booked two months in advance of opening.

David and Laura are currently searching for suitable premises through local estate agents.
A crowd-funding appeal has been set up.

(Story source: Liverpool Echo – December 2015)

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