Carrie Fisher’s dog Gary recognised her during ‘The Last Jedi’

If you’re a “Star Wars” mega fan, then you probably got a little misty eyed (okay, fine, full-on teary) seeing the late, great Carrie Fisher on screen in “The Last Jedi.” You weren’t the only one.

jedi dog

Pet Central reports that in fact, there was someone near and dear to Princess Leia’s heart that had an especially emotional response: her beloved therapy dog, Gary.

Gary, who is now in the care of Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd, attended the world premiere of “The Last Jedi,” dressed in his very own Star Wars-inspired garb.

According to a tweet from Los Angeles’ ABC 7 News anchor Veronica Miracle, Gary sat on the lap of an assistant during the screening and that his ears perked up every time she was on screen.

Of course, Gary got a glimpse of his late pet parent when he watched “The Last Jedi” trailer a few months ago, which was posted to his Instagram with a caption that read, “My mom looks more beautiful than ever.”

It would be especially impressive if the famous French Bulldog caught a glimpse of the creature inspired by none other than himself, a new character lovingly being referred to as Space Gary.

Whether or not Gary noticed the alien based on his likeness, we know that he’s always looking after his mom and will forever be her biggest fan.

(Story source: Pet Central)

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