Cardboard football fans: Greyhound Cilla is a hit at Colchester United

A greyhound became an unlikely star when her cardboard cut-out appeared at a football match.

cardboard greyhound

BBC News reports that three-year-old Cilla’s photo was used among a crowd of virtual fans at Colchester United’s behind-closed-doors match against Exeter City.

Owners the Priest family were “amazed” when they saw Cilla on TV, and even more shocked by the thousands of messages they received

“It’s gone crazy”, said Kate Priest. “But I think it worked, as we won”. “People were talking about it on fans’ forums and all sorts,” said Mrs Priest.

Mrs Priest said the family was watching Thursday’s match when “all of a sudden” they saw Cilla on the television.

Football presenter Michelle Owen was among those who commented on Twitter, saying: “There will not be a better cardboard cut out of a fan. Ever.”

The club, like a number of others, has introduced cut-outs as a way of generating revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Freddie Mercury” was also in the virtual crowd watching Colchester beat Exeter 1-0.

Kim Kimber, head of retail at Colchester United, said there were about 500 cardboard fans in the stands for the team’s 1-0 win.

“It’s a bit of fun isn’t it? “But the fans are so gutted they can’t be here,” she added.

Cilla took her place in the stands alongside 500 other cardboard fans. The Priests have now set up an Instagram account for their famous dog, called “Cillathecardboarddog”.

However, Mrs Priest said Cilla did not seem fazed by fame and was “currently sleeping underneath a Colchester United flag in the lounge”.

(Story source: BBC News)

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