Britain’s most pampered pet: Meet the pooch who gets £1,000 worth of Christmas presents

Britain’s most pampered pet is celebrating Christmas in the lap of luxury with 68 individually wrapped presents costing in excess of £1,000.

The Express reports that mother-of-one Helena Mueller, 38, loves her cockapoo Lola so much that she devotes her life to making sure the dog wants for nothing.

On Christmas Day Lola will unwrap her gifts – which include premium toys and clothes – before wolfing down a special doggie Christmas roast.

Helena, who lives in Cambridgeshire with husband Mark, 50, said: “She’s changed my life so much. We got her because I have an only child Harry who was four at the time. This year she’s definitely getting more gifts than Harry. We do everything together – she comes running with me and absolutely everything.”

Lola’s pampering treatments include hour-long grooming sessions in which she is shampooed with a range of premium products. She is then given an aftercare brush and a trim if she needs it, all totalling a minimum of £150 a month.

Meanwhile, the nation’s canines can expect to be showered with gifts, with owners spending £20 on pets compared to less than £15 on their best mates. A survey of 2,000 pet owners found that 71 per cent of pet owners plan to buy their animal a Christmas gift.

Lola’s lavish style includes her own bank account and monthly allowance, a special doggy pram and a bike seat. She also has an extensive wardrobe featuring matching outfits with weekly crèche visits, trips to the cinema and special doggy days out. And of course – there are the matching Christmas jumpers.

Some festive treats fit for a Cockapoo:

Goldilocks doll, £17

Pink heart bowl, £15

Pink heart lead, £18

Pink heart collar, £11

Rabbit teddy teething ring dog toy, £12

Pink dummy toy, £7

Dog crinkle teddy toy, £7

Dinosaur dental bites, £9

Caramel Yappachino biscuits, £11

Giraffe striped chew toy, £8

Joules dog-shaped bag, £28

Brian The Cockapoo story book, £14

Pink and purple Korny toy, £7

Pink clothes hangers for Lola’s outfits, £10

Christmas cracker, £2

Poo emoji string bag, £10

Hedgehog toy, £4

Little backpack harness, £40

Yellow duck striped plate, £15

Keratin oil for her fur, £19

Lola’s yellow coat to match Helena’s, £42

Pink hippo striped treat holder, £6

Pink cute dog striped name toy, £5

Pink princess bowl, £7



(Story source: The Express)


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