Brexit news: UK pet passports could be completely invalid amid no deal, owners clueless

Brexit could render pet passports invalid – and 75 per cent of owners are completely unaware.


The Express reports that travellers will be unable to venture overseas with their furry friend without the document, and a no deal Brexit could make it even harder to obtain.

Brexit might be baffling for Britons attempting to plan their travels abroad – yet holidaymakers’ furry friends will also feel the hit. The huge problem is, the majority of their owners are clueless, according to a recent survey, so adequate vacation provisions have not been put in place.

It has been revealed a no deal Brexit – which is still a possible option for the UK’s separation from the European Union – would make obtaining a pet passport much more difficult. Indeed, a divorce of the UK and EU on April 12, with no plans of how to proceed, is deemed by experts to be “likely” to lead to the UK getting unlisted, third country status.

As a direct consequence, it would mean pet passports for cats, dogs and ferrets, issued in the UK would become invalid for travel to the EU.

This marks a stark contrast to the current situation, where UK pet owners can currently take their animal to and from the EU so long as they have a pet passport and are micro-chipped.

A new study released by has revealed three quarters of pet owners are unaware their much-loved animal could lose their pet passport in the case of no deal Brexit.

What’s more, out of the 2,000 people surveyed, half of those whose animal has a passport will holiday in the UK more regularly if their cat or dog is unable to travel overseas. Further statistics showed four in ten plan their entire holiday around their animal.

Adam Jay, president of, said: “We can see why pet owners are barking mad if pets lose their European pet passports.

“But vacations are not lost when you can staycation or even fakeation. “Remember your dog needs a holiday as much as you do.”

Meanwhile, for those travelling ahead of the suggested Brexit departure date of April 12, passports are still valid.

An owner must always travel with the original document, and not a photocopy. Yet the government has urged owners to get ahead of the game should a no deal scenario occur.

The UK government website states: “If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the rules for travelling to EU countries with your pet will change. “You should start the process at least four months before you travel.”

While the pet passport scheme does include non-EU countries, in a post Brexit environment, the UK would need to be added onto this list.

With agreements needed to do this, it could potentially be time-consuming and problematic. Meanwhile previously reported how horses need their own pet passport – even if they are not planning on travelling anywhere.

(Story source: Express)

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