It’s Boris DOG-son! Pet with a haircut just like the new Foreign Secretary is spotted sweltering on the London Underground.

A Labour councillor got a shock on his commute on the London Underground after spotting a dog with Boris Johnson’s haircut.

Boris dogThe Daily Mail reports that Tom Miller, 30, a councillor in Brent, North West London, said he could not resist capturing an image of the dog’s uncanny likeness on the Jubilee line and realised the hair was not a wig.

The two pictures taken on Saturday at 10am, which clearly show the canine’s floppy fringe in the style of the new Foreign Secretary, have proved popular on social media with more than 1,000 likes.

Mr Miller said: ‘I was just on my way to work, and I noticed the owner and dog get on and sit down. I just couldn’t stop looking at the dog. The owner herself looked quite normal; she was very nice. ‘It was only me taking pictures so I felt a bit rude, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity. At first I thought it was a wig, from a distance. But when I got closer I realised it’s actually hair, really human-looking.

Boris‘They’ve obviously given it a fringe cut. I spoke to the owner, and she did say that the hair sometimes gets in the dog’s eyes – and they’ve also cut little socks out of the leg fur.’ ‘The dog looked a little uncomfortable in the temperature. It’s a definite Boris Johnson haircut.’ The dog could be seen with its tongue hanging out as temperatures rose in the capital on Saturday.


Yesterday the former Tory leadership hopeful Michael Gove joked that his lack of blond hair was behind his lack of power in Theresa May’s new Government.

Making his first speech since returning to the backbenches, he said MPs had learnt new Education Secretary Justine Greening was ‘slightly less blonde’ than universities minister Jo Johnson.

In a line which could also be viewed as a jibe at Mr Johnson’s Foreign Secretary brother Boris, Mr Gove added: ‘But one of the things his observation has reinforced in my mind is that blondness is clearly a quality that brings preferment under this new Government, and I know where I went wrong.’

Former Education Secretary Mr Gove entered the race to become Tory leader hours before nominations closed – a move which forced Boris Johnson to withdraw.

The pair had campaigned for Britain to leave the EU during the referendum campaign. Mr Gove later lost his job as Justice Secretary to Liz Truss.

(Story source: The Daily Mail – July 2016)

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