bonio dog biscuits – over 80 years of doggy heritage

As it’s ‘National Dog Biscuit Day’ this month, we take a look at the nation’s favourite – ‘bonio’, and we bring you some dog biscuit facts.

Every single yummy bonio biscuit is lovingly and traditionally oven baked. In fact, bonio has been baking biscuits in this way at the same factory since 1932… of course with that ever reliable quality. Although a lot has happened since the first bonio came out of the oven, they still have that scrummy taste dog’s love! Here are just a few doggie facts spanning the decades since for you to chew over! bonio has been baking dog biscuits for over 80 years since 1932, and in 2010 bonio is still the Nation’s No. 1 dog biscuit -the undisputed ruler of dog biscuits.

bonio keeps tails wagging!

Dogs know their bonio! They know the cupboard where it’s kept, the sound of your hand delving into the pack – and they know the excitement as their favourite biscuit appears, closely followed by the first satisfying crunch! They love bonio as a quick breakfast and they will be happy crunching on them whilst you pop to the shops! When’s bonio time in your household? We’d love to know how your dogs eat theirs.

The nation’s favourite dog biscuit!

Since 1932, millions of devoted owners and their equally devoted best friends have chosen bonio – and with good reason. Not only are bonio biscuits traditionally oven baked with carefully chosen ingredients, they are good for dogs too!

Scrummy and nutritious

Every wholesome bonio biscuit helps to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy as the crunchy oven-baked texture helps to scrape away plaque and reduce tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth.

‘Eating dog biscuits saved my life’: Diabetic woman scoffs Bonio snacks to combat shock

Lisa Hodge, who didn’t have any glucose tablets or a sugary drink to hand, said of the dog biscuits: “I ate the lot and they saved my life”.

A packet of dog biscuits saved a diabetic woman’s life as she fell into shock. School cleaner Lisa Hodge thought she was about to die as her blood sugar levels plummeted on a car trip with a friend. And as she did not have a sugary drink or glucose tablets she started eating the only thing to hand – a pack of Bonio biscuits for dogs.

Fortunately the sugar in the biscuits did the trick. Mum-of two Lisa, 39, of Plymouth was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14. She said: “I ate the lot and they saved my life. I also had a wet nose and wagging tail for the rest of the day.”

Top ten facts about dog biscuits

1. The earliest reference to “dog biscuits” in the Oxford English Dictionary refers to “An advertisement of dog biscuits manufactured by Mr Smith of Maidenhead” in 1823.

2. The OED also tells us that “dog biscuit” in 1925 was military slang for army mattresses.

3. Before we had dog biscuits, “dog’s bread” was an expression used for canine snacks…

4. .…though “pan de perro” (dog’s bread) in 17th century Spain was also used for a preparation of poison and ground glass designed to kill dogs.

5. In the late 1820s, Mr Smith of Maidenhead was reported to make five tons of dog biscuits a week.

6. The first to market dog biscuits worldwide was James Pratt, an electrical and lightning rod salesman of Ohio around 1860.

7. One employee at Pratt’s factory in London was Charles Cruft who later founded Cruft’s Dog Show.

8. The European Patent Register of worldwide patents includes 76 dog biscuit related patents.

9. These include a fire hydrant shaped dog biscuit baking tray, a biscuit “for controlling malodorous breath in dogs” and a deodorant dog biscuit.

10.A record dog biscuit was made in the USA in 2011. It was 19ft long, 3.8ft wide and weighed 617lb

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