The best cat-friendly plants: Keen to keep both your plant collection and your cat happy and thriving? It’s entirely possible.

Cat Friendly Plants
Maggie Davies

We are well aware of how much our feline friends like to visit the plant pots for a snack, and how difficult it can be to stop them munching on everything they’re not supposed to, including poisonous plants.

Toxic plants can be very dangerous if ingested by your cat and so, if your cat does manage to eat a plant you’re unsure about, be sure to get in touch with your vet straight away!

But on a more positive note, there are lots of cat-safe plants out there that do not cause toxicity if your cat does manage to nibble on them.

Here is a list of non-toxic plants for cats that are attractive to look at, but less risky for your feline friend.

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Many orchids are safe for cats, but it’s important to check the orchid type before giving your cat access to these pretty plants. Phalaenopsis orchids (also known as moth or moon orchids) are commonly sold in shops and supermarkets, and are non-toxic if accidentally ingested by your cat.

However, although Phalaenopsis orchid may not be toxic for your cat, their maintenance is less straightforward, as these flowers need just the right amount of water and sunlight, otherwise they won’t last very long. But with proper care, you and your cat will both enjoy seeing these elegant flowers when they bloom once a year in the winter.

Bamboo plants

Another attractive plant for humans and felines alike is the bamboo plant. Luckily, this is a cat-safe plant as well, although it’s best to keep it out of your cat’s reach as this tall, thin plant can easily be knocked over by your feline friend!

Blushing Bromeliads

If you love vibrant house plants, the bromeliad is a colourful addition to your living room, as these plants usually grow in rosettes, with colours ranging from maroon to green and gold. This gorgeous plant is a popular choice on any list of non-toxic plants for cats, and what’s more, the bromeliad doesn’t need much water – all it asks in return for its beautiful flowers is a bit of sunlight. That sounds like a great deal!

Bird’s Nest Ferns

Looking for a cat-safe plant for your bathroom? The bird’s nest fern is a wonderful plant with large fronds that are often crinkled. The bird’s nest fern is happiest living in low-light, high-humidity places. As with the other non-poisonous plants on this list, owners shouldn’t let their cat near this fern if possible, but if your feline does manage to get their paws on its leaves, the substances in this plant are non-toxic for cats, although they may still upset their tummy!

African Violets

This gorgeous bloomer is easy to grow and non-toxic to cats. They bloom year-round, so if you’re looking for a daily dose of purple, you should make room for a pot of African violets on a bookshelf or in your garden.


You would struggle to find prettier flowers than the ones the gloxinia plant is able to grow on a sunny windowsill. You and your cat will be equally mesmerised by the red, blue and purple shades of this Brazilian native. Plus, it’s non-toxic for moggies!

Polka dot plants

A cat-safe house plant that’s sure to impress visitors with its unusual look, the polka dot plant is another popular choice for feline owners. Just make sure this exotic beauty gets the right amount of sunlight and water.

Peperomia watermelon

Peperomia plants will happily grow in a hanging basket, which may keep them out of your cat’s reach. Plus, these plants don’t require too much TLC and will grow beautifully even if you forget to water them from time to time.

Boston fern

Another cat-safe plant that doesn’t need a lot of care is the Boston fern. If you want to brighten up the bathroom, this is a wonderful plant to add to your décor, especially since it loves a bit of extra humidity. However, even if your cat is tempted by the luscious leaves, it’s best to keep this plant out of the reach of your feline companion.


If you’re a cat owner with a passion for sunflowers, you can welcome these plants into your home as they’re non-toxic if your cat accidentally manages to ingest them. However, as with the other plants listed, it’s best to try to avoid letting your cat eat these plants where possible.

Other cat-safe house plants that are non-toxic include:

Friendship Plant
Common Staghorn Fern
Ponytail Palm
Zebra Haworthia
King and Queen Fern
Venus Flytrap
Spider Plant
Parlor Palm
Money Tree

As you can see, there are so many beautiful and interesting plants that are not toxic to cats. But, whichever ones are your favourites, keep in mind that choosing a solid pot is one of the best tips when you’ve got a curious furry friend around. Always try to make it difficult for your cat to reach the plant and impossible for them to move it with their paws, and you’ll have the perfect setup for both cats and plants to live together under the same roof.

(Article source: Purina)

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