Hilarious hounds! 13 dog stories to make you howl with laughter

Margaret Davies

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. And just like human best friends, the four-legged kind also likes to embarrass you and stitch you up at times too.

Christmas Cauliflower Chaos (Bea, Midlands)

Max the lurcher's midnight snack on Christmas Eve led to an interesting culinary twist.

Pepperami Pilfering (Gill, Worcester)

Bailey's soccer skills, including a stolen Pepperami, landed him in the "badly behaved dogs" class.

Chihuahua Shenanigans (Nicole, London

A chihuahua's Starbucks incident proves that excitement can lead to unexpected surprises.


Jackson, the Legendary Dog (Ryan O’Meara, Editor of K9 Magazine)

Jackson's escapades include humping a spinal surgeon, stealing curry, returning an unwanted Pringle, and destroying shoes mid-air.

Picnic Marauder (Charlotte, Birmingham)

A family picnic turned into chaos when the family dog decided to join and devour their meal.

Manure Mishap (Michelle, Bexley)

A dog's adventure with manure led to an artistic display on the walls and sofa.

Pregnancy Sense (Fiona, Senior Content Manager at Pets at Home)

Chesney, the colleague's dog, sensed pregnancy before the news was announced, creating an amusing work story.


Boot-Camp Buddies (Kristi, Midlands)

Holly, the Labrador, couldn't resist joining a workout session, creating a memorable scene in the field.

Iron Stomach Roady (Steve, Worcestershire)

A mischievous Staffie named Roady showcased his iron stomach by eating an 18-inch rubber tube and demolishing a kebab.

This Morning Mishap (Chris, Oxford)

A This Morning debate on letting dogs sleep in the bed took an unexpected turn when one of the dogs threw up.

Window Jumper (Ceren, North London)

A lazy dog's decision to jump in and out of a second-floor window led to a comical rescue mission.

Picnic Pilferers (Lisa, Leamington Spa)

Lola stole a bottle of water, and Barkley punctured a football, requiring a tenner to replace it.

Veterinary Mix-Up (Rae, London)

A vet appointment took an unexpected turn when the dog owner accidentally brought the pet to her own doctor's surgery.

Enjoy a good laugh with these hilarious and awkward moments shared by 13 dog owners and their furry companions!

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