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  • pet Food Bank

    Pet food bank in Bedfordshire goes "bonkers" in six months

  • canine dementia

    Doggy dementia: Dogs’ risk of canine dementia rises by more than 50% each year, study finds

  • pet-friendly holiday

    Life's a beach! 'I put one of the UK's most dog-friendly holiday spots to the test with my pooch'

  • owning a pet is the key

    Why owning a pet is the key to reducing stress and anxiety

  • Beach bans

    Doggy beach bans: UK beaches banning dogs from May this year - including Cornwall hotspots

  • international pet-sitter

    A new start after 60: I embraced being single and became an international pet-sitter

  • rescue 100 dogs

    Experience: I helped rescue 100 dogs from a burning building

  • dog hydration

    Dog Dehydration: Understanding the Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

  • electric shock collars

    New ban on electric shock collars in England welcomed

  • tea with your cat

    King's Coronation: Tips for sharing an afternoon tea with your cat

  • psychic pooch

    British dog owners trust pooch to make their decisions as 80% believe they are psychic

  • pandemic rescue pup

    What makes me happy now: my pandemic rescue pup

  • Prison Dogs

    Prison dogs: Everything a drug detection dog gets up to in 24 hours - and very human way they relax

  • concept of time

    I’ll be back! Do dogs have a concept of time?

  • our relationship with canines

    Dogged by controversy: Our relationship with canines through the ages

  • puppy power

    Puppy power! Joey the 2-legged pup went from unadopted to starring in the 2023 Puppy Bowl

  • Litter-picking eco dog Trinny cleans up park

  • ‘Small like a ball’: Pearl the chihuahua becomes world’s shortest dog