Hilarious hounds! 13 dog stories to make you howl with laughter

Rens Hageman
Rens Hageman

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. And just like human best friends, the four-legged kind also likes to embarrass you and stitch you up at times too.

Stealing food that isn’t theirs, trying to hump things they shouldn’t and causing a ruckus at any social gathering - all you can do is laugh sometimes. From peeing on things they shouldn’t to throwing up on live television, 13 dog owners share their most embarrassing moments. Bea, Midlands. On Christmas Eve, me and my husband were preparing for Christmas lunch the next day as his family were coming over. We made cauliflower cheese but didn’t have any room in the fridge so clingfilmed it and left it pushed to the back of the counter. Next morning, come down to find Max the lurcher had enjoyed a midnight snack and had eaten part of the cauliflower cheese. Not gonna lie, we mixed the rest of it up and cooked it. No one was ill so it was fine. Gill, Worcester. My dog Bailey ran over to some lads playing football, peed on his rucksack then stole his Pepperami and ran off. When I first had him at one year old, I decided to take him to training classes but he terrorised the other dogs. They refused to accept him in the normal class and he had to go to the class for badly behaved dogs. Should have called him ASBO. Nicole, London. I have a chihuahua puppy who is always super-charged and once did something terrible on my friend’s three-year-old in the middle of Starbucks. You can imagine. He couldn’t help it, it just happens if he’s excited over attention, food etc. It was so embarrassing. The vet did say he would improve after neutering but it never happened. Ryan O’Meara, Editor of K9 Magazine. My first dog Jackson was a legend. 1. Humping a world renowned spinal surgeon, when he was on the phone about an accident needing his help (batting off using Yellow Pages has no impact). They both returned to the room after the call finished sweating. 2. Stealing a plate full of curry. The smells identified the culprit. 3. Giving a Pringle back to the gift giver when he decided he didn’t like it. 4. Destroying new shoes left out, only spotted out of the corner of the eye when being thrown in the air. Charlotte, Birmingham. We were walking our family dog and he spotted a family having a picnic. Before we’d even realised what he was up to, he’d rampaged onto their blanket, stolen the sandwich from their toddler’s hand and was merrily devouring whatever was in their hamper by the time we even reached him! Michelle, Bexley. Used to have a dog that would escape the garden to nearby field, roll in manure then return and hide behind sofa, thus smearing the manure along wall and back of sofa. A real treat. Fiona, Senior Content Manager at Pets at Home. When I was about eight weeks pregnant and before I told anyone I was in a meeting with a colleague, Angie, and her dog, Chesney. Although our pets often come to meetings with us, I’d never spent much time around Chesney, so I was quite surprised when he snuggled up to me. Angie was a bit embarrassed and kept trying to remove Chesney, but he would just cuddle up again. When the meeting was over, Angie told a mutual colleague that Chesney had a history of snuggling up to pregnant women. I announced my pregnancy a few weeks later, Angie said she was so glad she had told our colleague about Chesney’s super-sense because otherwise no one would have believed her. The hormonal changes must have made me smell different to Chesney. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family; it’s now my favourite work story! Kristi, Midlands. My Labrador Holly was a bit of a hooligan when she was a pup. I was walking her once and she spotted a class doing a boot-camp style workout in the next field in the middle of doing press ups at the time. Holly thought it looked like great fun and charged over jumping on top of the people doing the press ups. Most of them laughed but the leader in the military style outfit didn’t look amused. Steve, Worcestershire. Growing up, we had an extremely naughty Staffie called Roady. He would eat pretty much anything given to him but seemed to have a stomach of iron. His first trip to the vets as a pup was because he had eaten an 18 inch long rubber tube and needed to have emergency surgery. Another time, after a long day at work, my mum bought our dad a kebab for his tea. Famished as he was, dad had literally just put the fork to his mouth as the doorbell went. The plate went down, but Roady was (thankfully) on his bed. In the time it took my dad to answer the door and come back through the hall, Roady had completely obliterated the plate full of food. Dad said it was even funnier because of the way Roady’s legs were moving faster than ever but they just slipped on the carpet in cartoon fashion. Rae, London. We went on This Morning with our four Chihuahuas debating why we let them sleep in our bed. All was going really well until one threw up. Mortified! Chris, Oxford. Our old dog was too lazy to walk from the living room to the back door so he used to jump in and out the living room window. This was fine until he forgot where he was and jumped out of my sister’s second floor window. Luckily he managed to land on the roof and sat there shaking like a leaf until we were able to get a ladder and rescue him. Ceren, North London. Lola once stole a bottle of water from a group of people enjoying a lovely picnic spread in Victoria park in the summer. Barkley once stole a football from a group of young boys playing football in the local park. He punctured it with his teeth so my dad had to give them a tenner to get a new one. So yeah, my dogs steal stuff. And sometimes the owners are just as bad… Lisa, Leamington Spa. I was taking my dog to his monthly veterinary appointment and left myself plenty of time for the journey (it’s a Friday night, rush hour etc). I arrived at my destination pleased there was very little traffic and we had plenty of time to spare - too much time in fact. Anyway, because I’m early I figure I’ll take him inside in the hope they could possibly see him earlier than scheduled. We walk into the familiar, cosy, little waiting room thrilled to find it empty and blindly ignoring the confused looks and furrowed brows of the receptionists. Up I go with a cheery ‘Hello, I know we’re early but…’ to be greeted by a wall of silence. Still the penny didn’t drop. Not until the massive grinning face of my very own GP appears around the corner do I realise I haven’t taken Bucky the 15 miles to his vets but taken him the four miles to my own doctor’s surgery. My GP was practically on his knees laughing!

(Article source: Metro)

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