Birmingham ‘cat whisperer’ rescues 15th trapped pet in a year

A firefighter has been nicknamed “the cat whisperer” because he has rescued so many pets.

Cat Whisperer
Birmingham ‘cat whisperer’ rescues 15th trapped pet in a year

BBC News reports that Darran Gough freed his 15th cat in 12 months on Monday, after it got stuck under a bath at its home in Birmingham.

The pet was scared and had been moved to the property in Moseley just hours earlier, the fire service said. Mr Gough, from Billesley Community Fire Station, said recent cat rescues included one trapped behind a toilet and another in a sewer pipe.

He said he had rescued a number of cats who had become scared “within 24 hours” of their arrival at new homes. He said of the latest rescue: “It’s my 15th cat within 12 months, I am being called the cat whisperer.”

On Monday, a camera was put behind the bath so fire crews could monitor the cat’s progress as they worked to make a hole for him to escape. They then waited in another room until the cat made his way out. Other rescues have included releasing pets from sewer pipes and one that was trapped behind a toilet.

(Story source: BBC News) 

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