6 games to play with your kitten

Your kitten will be full of boundless energy. This means that you’re going to need to play with him/her, too. Fortunately, kittens are easy to please. Here are six easy games to play with your kitten…

news40 1. Ping-Pong Balls:
Ping-pong balls are a cheap and easy way to entertain any young cat. Bounce the ball into walls, roll it under beds, and watch as your kitten dashes after it. One fun activity involves putting your
kitten and the ball into an empty bathtub. The ball will bounce off the sides of the tub and work your kitten up into a fur-flying frenzy.

2. Paper Bags:
Cats love the sound of crinkling paper. They also love to investigate enclosed spaces. A paper bag provides the best of both worlds. Put one on the floor and watch your kitten as he/she crawls over and inside it. Try tapping your finger on the outside of the bag – he/she might try to catch it!

3. Crumpled Paper Ball:
Something about paper drives cats wild. Crumple some paper into a ball and roll it towards your kitten. Chances are he/she will jump at it and start ripping it apart. Just be sure not to let  him/her eat any of it – some cats are notorious paper eaters.

4. Puzzles:
With a puzzle game, you can help your kitten strengthen his/her growing brain. Plastic balls with small holes in them are available at many pet shops. Fill these toys with a few treats or kibble and see if your cat can figure out how to get the snack. Show him/her how to do it by batting at the toy yourself if he/she can’t figure it out. Once he/she does figure it out, this is a game  he’ll/she’ll love to play again and again.

news415. Hide-And-Seek:
In the wild, cats will find a hiding place where they can wait and stalk their prey. You can unleash your kitten’s instincts with hideand-seek games. If you see your cat hiding under a sofa or chair,
drag a toy nearby where he/she can just see it. You’ll both have a blast as he/she reaches out to try to catch it.

6. Mobile Games:
Who would have guessed that a cat could play a mobile game? Although not all cats will respond to games on phones or tablets, some do. You can download games specifically for cats. Try downloading one of these apps and then putting your phone or tablet on the floor. Many kittens will bat and swipe at the motions they see. If he/she doesn’t seem interested, try showing him/her a YouTube video or TV show. Some cats can even become real couch potatoes.
Playing with your new kitten doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Kittens, as it turns out, love playing with almost anything. So relax and try these six easy games to play with your kitten. You and your new pet are both sure to find something that you both love!

(Article source: Pet Bucket)

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