40% of pet owners believe the animal will return and visit as a ghost

Four in ten pet owners believe their cat or dog will return to them as a ghost.

Evening Express reports that nearly half of those are convinced that their dead pet has already visited them!

As part of a poll conducted by Animalfriends.co.uk it was found that 23% of people believe they will be visited by the ghost of their dead pet and 17% of people believe they already have been.

One example given in the survey was of a 12-year-old Scottish Terrier Wallace who came back to his owner in the form of a black smudge on the door.

Gilbert Donaldson, Wallace’s owner, was convinced the smudge was a shaped like ears and a long nose and was convinced it was his beloved pet returning to him.

The survey also found that 12% of pet owners have received counselling or taking anti-depressants following the loss of a pet.

Over two thirds of animal lovers treasure their passed pet’s pictures but it’s women who are the most sentimental when it comes to keeping mementoes – 35% choosing to cling to the collar, compared with just 29% of men.

However, more than 50% go on to get another animal.

Less than 40% of all animals die of old age each year in the UK. Around 15% die of cancer and 9% die following an issue with their kidneys.

Nearly 10% are sadly killed in road accidents.

(Story source: Evening Express)


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